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Follow your Van Houtte Coffee Services representatives as they guide you through 5 simple steps to improve or manage your multidepartment organisation's coffee break.

Looking to provide every member of your multidepartment organisation with a great coffee break experience?


Even with a sizable team that’s spread out throughout different departments, it’s possible to provide an enticing coffee break experience from Van Houtte Coffee Services that brings every member together, helps maintain productivity and ensures employee satisfaction from 9 to 5.


All it takes is our range of state-of-the-art equipment and brewers for every type of room and department, ingenious water stations and our selection of over 100 different beverage options from top brands. And not to mention our exceptional customer service.

Carol Chomyn
Your Van Houtte Coffee Services representative
Get the right equipment for your coffee lounge and more.

What coffee experience is your team looking for?

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Freshly filtered & instantly chilled water
Multiple Water Options
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Eccellenza Touch™
User-friendly touch screen and enhanced customer experience
Large variety of specialty beverages available
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Eccellenza Momentum™
Designed for high-volume and public environments
Wide variety of regular coffees and specialty beverages
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de Jong Duke Virtu 90
Simultaneous single cup and double carafe option
Large colour touchscreen
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Keurig® K3500™
Two internal hot water tanks
Strong brew
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Krea Touch
Top quality drinks and optimized delivery times
New electronic platform for an easy management of touch screen and machine programming
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Wittenborg 9100
User-friendly 10’’ touch screen
Flexible 4 kg canister that offers two blends of coffee at the same time, or whole beans and roast and ground, to suit different preferences
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Traditional Brewers
Perfect for all foodservice providers
Wide variety of gourmet, flavoured and organic blends
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Bravilor FreshGround XL 233
User-friendly touch screen and enhanced customer experience
Large variety of specialty beverages available
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Bunn Sure Immersion® 312
Dispenses fresh coffee by the cup or by the carafe, in 5 programmable portion sizes from 6oz to 64oz
Hot and Iced coffee, plus 2 café style beverages to satisfy your menu requirements in one footprint
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BUNN Crescendo™
3 Powder hoppers (milk, chocolate & your choice)
9 café style beverages & hot water
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Jura XJ9
Freshly-ground, bean-to-cup technology with adjustable strength selection
Programmable for up to 10 specialty beverages
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Starbucks Serenade™
Dedicated cold water line and water filtration
Two 5 lb powder hoppers
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WMF 1500 S
Easy maintenance
Automatic cleaning
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Lavazza LB 2317
Two large capacity drawers for capsule collection and waste water drainage
Fresh milk refrigerator
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Making the perfect cup requires the right equipment.

Find Your Equipment
Offer the perfect coffee and beverage assortment.
Variety is key to creating a GREAT coffee break experience. Use our beverage assortment guide to view tips and top selling brands for each beverage category.
A coffee assortment to satisfy different taste preferences
Light Roast
Most popular among entry level coffee drinkers from 18 - 24 yrs old.
Medium Roast
53% of coffee drinkers choose medium roast.
Dark Roast
Most commonly consumed by millennial coffee drinkers.
15% of consumers drink both coffee and decaf.
Nearly 25% of coffee drinkers exclusively consume flavoured coffee.
National Coffee Drinking Trends 2017, NCAUSA.org
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3. Order your break room supplies at one place.
Creamers & Sweeteners
Coffee Accessories
Cutlery & Paper Products
Cleaning Products
4. Manage your orders 24-7, with our online services.
  • Online Catalogue
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Online Paperless Invoicing
  • Local Delivery
Online Ordering
5. Make sustainable choices.

At Van Houtte Coffee Services, we understand that your company has sustainable standards to meet and priorities to keep. That’s why we offer you a wide range of responsible products and programs.

  • Fairtrade Certified Coffees
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees
  • Organic Certified Coffees
  • Energy-Efficient Brewing Systems
  • K-CYCLE™, a free commercial recycling program
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