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Follow your Van Houtte Coffee Service representatives as they guide you through 5 simple steps to set up or improve your coffee break experience.
Fostering team spirit and productivity is what you are looking to achieve.

At Van Houtte Coffee Services, we can help you design a unique coffee experience that helps your team stay motivated and boost morale. An essential office perk!


All it takes is our state-of-the-art brewers, a perfect assortment of coffee and beverages and the great coffee service we can provide.

Get the right equipment for your coffee lounge and more.

What coffee experience is your team looking for?

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Keurig® K1500™
Quiet Brew Technology®
Brews 12 cups before needing to be refilled
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Keurig® K750™
Fresh water for each brew
Auto-off feature saves energy
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Lavazza Classy Mini
Removable storage drawer for convenient disposal of used Lavazza Blue capsules
Stand-by Eco Mode function for energy saving
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Keurig® K4500
Keurig® K4500™
Brews over 20 types of different recipes using K-Cup® pods
Equipped with MultiStream Technology™, designed to saturate the coffee grounds to extract full flavour and aroma
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Making the perfect cup requires the right equipment.

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Offer the perfect coffee and beverage assortment.
Variety is key to creating a GREAT coffee break experience. Use our beverage assortment guide to view tips and top selling brands for each beverage category.
A coffee assortment to satisfy different taste preferences
Light Roast
Most popular among entry level coffee drinkers from 18 - 24 yrs old.
Medium Roast
53% of coffee drinkers choose medium roast.
Dark Roast
Most commonly consumed by millennial coffee drinkers.
15% of consumers drink both coffee and decaf.
Nearly 25% of coffee drinkers exclusively consume flavoured coffee.
National Coffee Drinking Trends 2017, NCAUSA.org
A delicious assortment of teas
Black Tea
18% of tea drinkers have made it their go-to choice.
Green Tea
2nd favourite among top flavours.
Herbal Tea
Lemon is a top herbal tea favourite.
Flavoured Tea
Floral flavours like lavender, hibiscus and rose have been appearing in more tea products.
Source: 2020 Canadian Beverage consumer Trend Reports, technomic.com/canadian-beverage
Hot Chocolate varieties and warm indulgent beverages
Hot Chocolate
28% of Canadians consumed hot chocolate based on a consumer trend report.
Indulgent Beverages
74% prefer consuming flavoured coffee between meals or as a snack.
Source: 2020 Canadian Beverage consumer Trend Reports, technomic.com/canadian-beverage
Iced & cold beverages to round out the coffee break
Iced Tea
51% of Canadians have ordered iced tea according to a consumer trend report.
Iced Coffee
Based on a Canadian consumer trend report, 69% of respondents ordered iced coffee.
A growing number of consumers are placing a greater focus on natural, immunity-boosting and health-forward ingredients.
Sodas and Juices
Overall, orange remains the go-to choice when it comes to juices.
Source: 2020 Canadian Beverage consumer Trend Reports, technomic.com/canadian-beverage
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