The ION™ water cooler is your sustainable solution to eliminate the hassle of bottled water and get an endless supply of cold, hot, or sparkling water.

The Perfect Features

  • Multiple Water Options

    With 10x the cooling capacity of a standard office water cooler and a Rapid Hot™ function, the ION™ system answers all your water needs: chilled, hot and even sparkling.
  • Freshly Filtered

    Using CarbonPlus filtration, this water solution transforms your tap water into safe, great-tasting drinking water by removing all chlorine and unpleasant odours.
  • ION Energy-Efficient

    ION’s SleepMode™ uses a smart sensor that detects when the system is not in use, triggering the energy savings mode for a more responsible and economical consumption.
  • Environmentally-Friendly

    This bottle-free water system reduces landfill waste, promoting better waste management that protects the environment.
  • Adaptable

    Adapt the ION™ according to your space. Choose the compact, counter-top model or convert it into a floor-standing solution with the SlimLine™ Display Cabinet.