Your HYBRID WORK MODEL deserves a hybrid coffee break solution...
Dan Green
Safety Brewed TogetherTM Representative


As organizations across the nation plan their much-anticipated return to the office, many of them are considering switching to the hybrid work model.

Adapting to this new reality isn’t as challenging as you might think, especially when it comes to the coffee break situation. In fact, at Van Houtte Coffee Services we’ve come up with unique solutions that provide your team with a great coffee experience, one that can be enjoyed both at work and at home.

Ensure employee satisfaction and maintain productivity, wherever your team works.

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Coffee solutions for rotating schedules

As the adage goes; a happy office makes for a productive team. During the last year, some remote workers may have discovered they are night owls, preferring to work well into the late evening hours, whereas others now favour taking on their day as early as possible. Keep it flexible! Whether day or night, ensure that the office coffee station is equipped to handle everyone’s ideal work schedule. Taking a coffee break outside the traditional 9 to 5? How novel!


71% of Canadians believe a hybrid workplace should be the standard model for all organizations. Source: HR Reporter (2021)


Give your office crew what they want

Who says you must exclusively take your coffee in the break room? Give your team a little space. Allow them to create a unique coffee experience by taking advantage of all the office’s nooks and crannies. By setting up a variety of smaller, unconventional coffee stations around the workplace with compact brewers that offer an array of hot beverage options, you’ll foster a cozy coworking atmosphere that’ll have everyone delighted and social distancing around the coffee station.


Rethink your work model, rethink your coffee station rooms

Adopting a new office work model isn’t just about coordinating schedules; it’s also about reorganizing your office space layout to foster collaboration and relationship building. Give your staff all the reasons to embrace their new working environment by installing coffee stations that are perfectly adapted to all your updated dedicated workspaces or rooms. By providing your employees with a concession stand experience with the brands they love and setting up state-of-the-art brewers that don’t require any water connection, we can help you create different satellite coffee stations that’ll help everyone stay motivated and connected throughout the workday.

Did you know?

More and more employees want to work remotely every now and then, but 87% say the office is vital for collaboration and relationship building. Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers (2021)


HomeBase Café: The coffee break solution for work-from-home staff

Choose a teleworking coffee program that shows you care and help your team stay productive and engaged. Choose among 3 monthly coffee allowance plans or build your own individualized plan that allows your remote staff to order their coffee online at discount rates and have their monthly order safely delivered to their doorstep.

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