A great coffee break designed to help your car dealership stand out

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Before or after a test drive, there’s always time to treat customers to their favourite hot drink.

The moment someone walks into your dealership, it’s time to impress and give all of your attention to a potential new car owner. From espressos and lattes to specialty roasts and snack options; your customers deserve an extra touch of hospitality when checking out vehicles in your showroom, waiting for their car to get serviced or sitting in your office to discuss the final details of a transaction. With grade A equipment, water stations and 100+ beverage options from Van Houtte Coffee Services, it’s easy to create a coffee experience that lives up to your car dealership’s reputation.

A wide selection of coffee makers for your car dealership
Eccellenza Momentum™
Designed for high-volume and public environments
Wide variety of regular coffees and specialty beverages
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Eccellenza Touch™
User-friendly touch screen and enhanced customer experience
Large variety of specialty beverages available
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Keurig® K3500™
Two internal hot water tanks
Strong brew
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WMF 1500 S
Easy maintenance
Automatic cleaning
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BUNN Crescendo™
3 Powder hoppers (milk, chocolate & your choice)
9 café style beverages & hot water
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Freshly filtered & instantly chilled water
Multiple Water Options
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Krea Touch
Top quality drinks and optimized delivery times
New electronic platform for an easy management of touch screen and machine programming
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Wittenborg 9100
User-friendly 10’’ touch screen
Flexible 4 kg canister that offers two blends of coffee at the same time, or whole beans and roast and ground, to suit different preferences
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Filtered water
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Traditional Brewers
Perfect for all foodservice providers
Wide variety of gourmet, flavoured and organic blends
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de Jong Duke Virtu 90
Simultaneous single cup and double carafe option
Large colour touchscreen
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Bravilor FreshGround XL 233
User-friendly touch screen and enhanced customer experience
Large variety of specialty beverages available
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Bravilor Bonamat Sego 12
Ideal for office spaces, waiting rooms and car dealerships
Programmable water temperature, coffee grinding, and cup sizes
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Bunn Sure Immersion® 312
Dispenses fresh coffee by the cup or by the carafe, in 5 programmable portion sizes from 6oz to 64oz
Hot and Iced coffee, plus 2 café style beverages to satisfy your menu requirements in one footprint
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Keurig® K1500™
Quiet Brew Technology®
Brews 12 cups before needing to be refilled
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Starbucks Serenade™
Dedicated cold water line and water filtration
Two 5 lb powder hoppers
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Lavazza LB 2317
Two large capacity drawers for capsule collection and waste water drainage
Fresh milk refrigerator
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Keep a fully stocked break room with our variety of beverages and supplies

Get eye-catching signage and fully designed stations for your food service counter or restaurant that entice your customers to discover your coffee products.


Scheduling the regular maintenance of your coffee machines and water stations ensures that your coffee experience is always up to scratch.

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Our dedicated customer service team is ready to make things easier on you and to support you with all aspects of your coffee solution, including orders, equipment and product selection.


By scheduling regular maintenance for your coffee machines and water stations, you ensure that your coffee experience is always optimal.

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Set up your café-worthy coffee solution at work.


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