Jura XJ9

The Jura XJ9 delivers exceptionally specialty beverages using its freshly brewed bean-to-cup technology and One-Touch cappuccino, macchiato & latte functions. Now, anyone at your place of business can make specialty coffees like a true barista!

The Perfect Features

  • Eco-responsible

    Using paperless filters and producing 100% compostable organic waste, this brewer uses less energy for a more responsible coffee consumption.
  • Hot Water Dispenser

    This system safely dispenses hot water, perfect for the preparation of instant soups, teas and other hot drinks.
  • Wide Variety of Specialty Beverages

    Choose among cappuccinos, lattes, mochaccinos, and steamers. Each beverage is made with freshly ground and freshly brewed whole beans from your favourite brands.
  • Pour Over or Plumbed In

    This system can use either a removable, easy-to-fill pour over water reservoir or direct water line plumbing.