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Offer your patrons and staff a well-deserved coffee break experience.

Attending to the needs of the patrons, staff or students that regularly frequent your campus rooms, cafeteria and food counters takes attention to detail. Make life easier on both them and you by creating a unique coffee experience, one that takes into account multiple beverage choices (over 100 types from top brands), break room products and snacks, coffee station merchandizing and equipment that can whip up everyone’s favourite hot drink at a touch of a button. Plus, with our regular and urgent maintenance service plans, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that everyone is getting their coffee fix without interruption.

A wide selection of coffee makers for your campus
Eccellenza Momentum™
Designed for high-volume and public environments
Wide variety of regular coffees and specialty beverages
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Eccellenza Touch™
User-friendly touch screen and enhanced customer experience
Large variety of specialty beverages available
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Keurig® K3500™
Two internal hot water tanks
Strong brew
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Keurig® K4000™
5 cup sizes for coffee and tea
Automatic used K-Cup® pod ejection and storage
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Lavazza 2317
Two large capacity drawers for capsule collection and waste water drainage
Fresh milk refrigerator
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WMF 1500 S
Easy maintenance
Automatic cleaning
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BUNN Crescendo™
3 Powder hoppers (milk, chocolate & your choice)
9 café style beverages & hot water
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BUNN Sure Tamp™
Sure Tamp® maintains consistent tamping pressure throughout the brewing cycle
Cool Froth® offers rich, creamy, cold, milk foam for popular iced beverages and menu expansion
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Traditional Brewers
Perfect for all foodservice providers
Wide variety of gourmet, flavoured and organic blends
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Filtered water
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Freshly filtered & instantly chilled water
Multiple Water Options
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Keep a fully stocked break room with our variety of beverages supplies

Get eye-catching signage and fully designed stations for your food service counter or restaurant that entice your customers to discover your coffee products.


Coffee and beverage makers, water systems; our experienced and knowledgeable service technician team are trained to install, plumb in and test all of your equipment correctly to provide you with the integrated business coffee solutions you’re looking for.

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Never run out of your favorite beverages with our scheduled delivery option. Simply sit back, relax and rely on your Route Service Representative, who will help you to determine your product and service needs.

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At Van Houtte Coffee Services, we understand that your company has commitments to meet and priorities to keep in line with environmental and corporate stewardship. That’s why we are always actively engaged in finding new and innovative solutions.

  • Fairtrade and Rainforest Certified Products
  • Energy-Efficient Brewing Systems
  • K-CYCLE™, a commercial recycling program
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I can help you set up a GREAT coffee break.
I can help you set up a GREAT coffee break.
Carol Chomyn
Your Van Houtte Coffee Services representative
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Carol Chomyn
Your Van Houtte Coffee Services representative
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