Reinvigorate the Break Room Experience with an On-Site Micro Market

Interested in a micro market?


Van Houtte Coffee Services is your connection to bringing 24/7 grab-n-go food solutions to your employee break room.
Through a Canada-wide partnership program, we can help transform your employee break room into a micro market store that offers your employees a wide selection of products and checkout options that vending systems simply can’t match! With a customized equipment and furniture solution to fit your break room that requires no extra staffing and is at no cost to you*, your employees will be able to enjoy a customizable, self-managed, self-monitored food system that is automatically restocked and maintained as needed. Offer your employees a wide assortment of pre-packaged healthy meal options, frozen goods, snacks, and beverages which are conveniently accessible to purchase 24/7 using either the self-payment kiosk or smartphone app; all within the break room itself!

Boost employee morale

Offer a unique employee perk

Self-managed system with no staff required

No cost installation, maintenance and operation

Customizable product selection

A micro market system tailored to fit your space and your coffee break experience

Customized Furniture with Racking and Refrigeration Equipment

Self-Checkout via Kiosk or Smartphone App

24/7 Camera Monitoring

No-Hassle Product Restocking, Rotation and Disposal

Provide your employees with on-site fresh food, snacks, and beverages that will keep them productive and satisfied
  • 24/7 on-site self-serve convenience
  • Quick and easy for employees on the go
  • Selection of healthier food options available
  • Access to a wide variety of pre-packaged fresh food, snacks, confectionary, and beverages
  • Flexible payment options (credit cards and digital wallet)
  • Affordable food accessible in offices or workplaces located in food deserts
  • Convenient for employees working outside of regular business hours
  • Minimize food delivery services
Interested in a Micro Market for your office or workplace break room?

Some conditions apply. Reach out to your Van Houtte Coffee Services representative to see if your organization qualifies for a micro market program.

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