Reinvigorate the break room experience with an on-site micro market

Selection of
Food and Snack
Grab & Go
Open Coolers
/ Freezers

A micro market system tailored to fit your space and your coffee break experience

Customized Furniture with Racking and Refrigeration Equipment
Self-Checkout via Kiosk or Smartphone App
24/7 Camera Monitoring
No-Hassle Product Restocking, Rotation and Disposal

Provide your employees with on-site fresh food, snacks, and beverages that will keep them productive and satisfied

  • 24/7 on-site self-serve convenience
  • Quick and easy for employees on the go
  • Selection of healthier food options available
  • Access to a wide variety of pre-packaged fresh food, snacks, confectionary, and beverages
  • Flexible payment options (credit cards and digital wallet)
  • Affordable food accessible in offices or workplaces located in food deserts
  • Convenient for employees working outside of regular business hours
  • Minimize food delivery services

Interested in a
micro market for your office or workplace break room?

Some conditions apply. Reach out to your Van Houtte Coffee Services representative to see if your organization qualifies for a micro market program.

* Requires qualification and entering an “Agreement to Install a Micro Market” between your organization, our partner and the Vending or Market Operator. Customers will assume no responsibility for any costs associated with daily operation of the market, installation, or removal of the market.

Interested in a micro market?