Diverse and Powerful Equipment

From individual brewers in every guest room to powerful brewing systems in your restaurant or lobby, we have all the equipment options to suit your needs. Using cutting-edge technology, our brewers are designed to enhance customer satisfaction with benefits such as fast brewing speeds, multiple cup sizes, and a "no waste, no mess" system that keeps cleaning to a minimum. In addition to providing the most reliable solutions on the market, we also provide 24/7 technical support and maintenance for all our brewing systems, so you're never without help when you need it most.

Quality Service & Customer Satisfaction

Surpass guest expectations by offering your visitors a personal brewer in the privacy of their own room. With our single-cup brewers, you ensure that your guests brew only what they need, minimizing waste and potential messes. Our complete solution also provides creamers, sweeteners, cups, stirrers and a wide variety of beverages to keep your customers satisfied. Give your customers the solution that serves them best by choosing Van Houtte Coffee Services.

Canada Best Western International

Priscilla Nesbitt, MHS | Director | Supply and Studio Design

We have been doing business with Van Houtte Coffee Services for the last 2 years and all of our dealings have been professional. It is an innovative company and I love that they present us with new concepts, products and solutions regularly.

Canada Best Western International

Priscilla Nesbitt, MHS | Director | Supply and Studio Design

Orders and deliveries are always on time, and they take care of everything. They truly listen to the voice of the customer and ensure that our needs are met.

University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM)

Roch Galarneau
Department lead, Food Services and Development Department of Multidisciplinary Services

The offer of services throughout the construction works has implied several moves and openings and closing of kiosks. Fortunately, we were able to rely on Van Houtte Coffee Services. This supplier deserves the name of partner. All the stakeholders are professional and maximize our coffee offer.

Compass Group

Mike Masse
President – Food Services

Compass Group Canada has partnered with Van Houtte Coffee Services (VHCS) since 2007. VHCS provides the right combination of equipment, marketing, and a great-tasting coffee to our clients. VHCS brings many assets to this working relationship. The portfolio of products and the equipment are exemplary. Customer support is extremely efficient and pleasant. Compass Group Canada is proud to partner with Van Houtte.

Equipment for Every Business

Our range of reliable, high-performance brewing systems are all designed to enhance your coffee experience with innovation and simplicity. Explore our options to find the best fit for your needs.

A wide variety of beverages

With over 100 varieties of gourmet coffees, flavourful teas, specialty and iced beverages, our selection is sure to include everyone's favourite.

A full spectrum of services

From our prompt, one-on-one service to our personalized programs tailored to your needs, we take charge of your complete coffee care by covering all the bases. Learn more about our options to get started now.