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Imagine offering gourmet meals, created by world-class chefs, and cooked to perfection for your employees. Introducing KitchenMate, a self-service system combining convenient food service and smart technology that can provide your team with an extraordinary lunch or coffee break experience!


Tailored for various types of workplaces, including hybrid and fully onsite, KitchenMate’s food service kiosk and smart cooking station for the office offers a great alternative to traditional cafeterias, catering services and food delivery apps. With KitchenMate, no additional staff is required and you get all the benefits that come with an autonomous food service system, including smart hassle-free fridge restocking and a smaller footprint.

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Boost employee morale
Provide convenient meals during the busy workday
Offer them a 24/7 food service
Online software to manage food rewards & free meals
Sample menu
Convenient and affordable nutritious meals
Designed by world-class chefs

KitchenMate’s menu includes a range of nutritious and traditional offerings for all types of dietary needs, including vegan and vegetarian options. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, your workplace’s meal plan options are always pleasantly set.

Cooked meals

Delicious meals with 14,000+ five-star reviews

Self-Service, Self-Managed, Smart Technology
Ultimate convenience, powered by AI.
AI Vision-FridgeTM provides the ultimate in convenience.

AI Vision-FridgeTM provides the ultimate in convenience.

AI figures out what users took out and charges them accordingly. Users can take out multiple items and even put some back if they change their minds. They are only charged for what they take out.

  • Managed by a mobile app
  • Smart secure access to the fridge
  • AI monitored for timely restocking
  • Built-in payment enabled
Perfectly cooked meals with the Smart CookerTM.

Smart recognition recognizes the dish and the food. Food is steamed inside the pod to the perfect temperature.

  • Smart recognition, for perfect cooking
  • 4x faster than toaster oven
  • No hot plates. Nothing to clean. No mess.
Leading company cultures choose KitchenMate to retain talent and stand out from the pack

“Facilitating a great working experience for our team members is an important part of the Steam Whistle culture and we love that on top of the meal subsidy system, through KitchenMate we have created an employee gifting feature that we can reward our people for going the extra mile or celebrate occasions such as their birthdays. Overall, KitchenMate has become an integral part of our culture.”

Greg Taylor
Co-founder/CEO, Steam Whistle

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Some conditions apply*. Reach out to your Van Houtte Coffee Services representative to see if your organization qualifies for a KitchenMate program.

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