A hands-on 360-degree coffee solution for your business

As Canada's leading coffee services provider, we're dedicated to providing diversified solutions that meet our clients' needs. Our national standing is rooted in our local presence, allowing us to serve you with all the benefits of a large corporation while giving you the personalized service of a smaller provider. Our heritage is a unique combination of coffee roasting traditions and revolutionary technologies, making us a complete coffee solution that is unmatched by any other.

A history of excellence

Van Houtte Coffee Services is an heir to the tradition of excellence that was established by Albert-Louis Van Houtte in Montreal in 1919. After opening the doors to his first fine grocery store, he soon focused on his passion for coffee and his desire to serve a perfectly balanced brew. His dedication to perfecting the art of roasting is a rich part of our history and an inherent quality in all the products we offer today. From sourcing to manufacturing, Van Houtte Coffee Services is dedicated to providing excellence in everything we do.

Revolutionary Technology

As a division of Keurig Canada, we also benefit from the innovation of the Keurig® brewing system. Inventor of the revolutionary single-cup technology, Keurig® continues to introduce new solutions to the market, providing coffee lovers with their perfect cup, every time.


Marc-André Vézina - General Manager
Eric Proulx - Director, Special Projects & Strategy
Kim McKenna - Senior Manager, Marketing
Aaron White - Senior Manager, Sales - West
Jonathan Hunter - Senior Manager, Sales - East
Jeremy Dixon - Senior Manager, National Supply Chain & Operations
Nathan Schendel - Senior Manager, Service & Operations - West
Martin Hamon - Senior Manager, Service & Operations - East
Todd Campbell - Senior Manager, Commercial Strategy and Partnerships
Véronique Rivard - Senior Manager, Finances
Marie-Ève Lafrance - Manager, Human Resources
Sophie Maurice - Senior Director, Procurement
Jean-Pierre Francoeur - Director, Information Technology