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The Bai® family is getting bigger! Bai® Zambia Bing Cherry and Bai® Costa Rica Clementine have joined the lineup!

Bai® Zambia Bing Cherry

Flavour so magical, it’ll grant your wish like a cherry godmother. When you open a bottle of Zambia Bing Cherry you start to wonder how it could be this great tasting and good for you. It’s almost as if you would need some sort of delicious magic to make this happen. Or maybe you think a cherry godmother just whacked your taste buds with a flavour wand. But we’ll never tell. Okay, you got us. It’s the second one.

Bai® Costa Rica Clementine

We struck gold in the clementine mine. So that’s what that guy was singing about back then. Old-timey ballad singer probably didn’t know that decades later a drink would be created so tasty, so powerful and so low in calories, that the song would be repositioned to celebrate such an awesome achievement. Oh my darling, Costa Rica Clementine? Indeed.

Quench your thirst

This summer, switch it up in the break room with our complete selection of delicious Bai® drinks. Every exotic flavour is an adventure and infused with true-to-fruit deliciousness.

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