At Van Houtte Coffee Services, health and safety are our top priorities.

We follow safe and rigorous practices and seek out, learn and adopt new ways to continuously improve our safety procedures.

View for yourself the measures we’ve taken to ensure the security of our processes, from order to delivery.

The 8 pillars of our Health & Safety program
Online & Phone Ordering

Order taking by phone or online is offered to limit the number of our employees visiting clients.

Health screening and prevention

Daily staff health assessment questionnaires required before coming in if working from home is not possible.
Personal sanitization kits for all, hand washing protocols and workstation cleaning checklists audited multiple times per day.

Lean operation model

Only essential personnel working in branches with rotating schedules.
Social distancing protocols to avoid physical contact and sharing of objects.

Safe order picking and packing

Gloves and/or other preventive measures are used during packing and handling to minimize contact with products.
No visitors allowed in packing areas.

Vehicle and tool cleaning

Adherence to vehicle cleaning protocols during and between shifts for employees on the road.
Sanitization of work tools and equipment between customer visits.

Safe drop delivery option

Orders are dropped at customers’ reception.
No signature required for proof of delivery.

Contactless payment

No handheld or phone sharing with customers.
Credit card or electronic payment options are preferred.

Safe technical support

Assisted troubleshooting and resolution over the phone.
Social distancing protocols followed by our technicians for critical on-premise service calls.

Help Ensure a Safe Return To Your Workplace

As workplace and businesses return to their new normal, keeping your employees safe and healthy will be top priority! Take a look at our large selection of prevention products and our easy-to-order all-in-one Personal Equipment bundle.

Personal Prevention Equipment
Hand Sanitation
Cleaning Supplies
An ecofriendly disinfectant system that doesn’t require water, paper, electricity or batteries.
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useful equipment guides for daily maintenance

Order printed material for safe equipment use

Use this form to order printed material (self-adhesive labels and freestanding posters) which can be either installed on your equipment or in the vicinity in order to reinforce safe use.

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