Looking to share the good news and promote the HOMEBASE Café program with your team?

Here are some convenient promotional items you can send out using your internal communication tools.

Promotional Banners

Download the banner of your choice and post it on your intranet, internal community network or in your email signature. Make sure to link your banner to the following URL: https://www.vhcoffeeservices.com/homebase-cafe-program-employee/

Email Announcement Template

The team members you are adding by the 25th of the month will be receiving their monthly invite on the 1st of next month. In the meantime, share the news by email with them using our template and tell them to stay on the look out for their new HomeBase Café benefits!
Thank you! You will receive our template in your inbox.
We will send you a template that you will be able to edit or personalize and forward to your team.

Instant Messaging Reminders

Engage your team and build a culture around those coffee moments your employees can share and enjoy. Send them reminders using your corporate instant messaging systems. You’ll find several options below. Just copy and paste the text and the link.
HOMEBASE CAFÉ - It's time for your coffee break.
HOMEBASE CAFÉ - Your coffee break at home.
HOMEBASE CAFÉ - Have you taken your coffee break?
HOMEBASE CAFÉ - You deserve a coffee break.
HOMEBASE CAFÉ - When is the last time you had a break?