Antiseptic gel dispenser

Exora is the ideal way to allow your team and the individuals who enter your place of business to sanitize their hands everytime.

Easy to maintain

Requires minimal handling from your staff. Uses convenient prepackaged refill inserts and no battery is required for operation.

Sturdy Canadian design

Made in Canada using solid materials. Its sleek look seamlessly blends with all types of commercial settings.

Practical and cost-saving

Designed to contain antiseptic gel in a 1-litre format (or up to 1100 doses). The touchless pedal mechanism distributes uniform amounts of gel while avoiding hand contact.
Antiseptic gel dispenser:
30 cm W x 44 cm D x 137 cm H
Pedal Activated Dispenser
22,9 cm W x 14,9 cm D x 45,7 cm H
Lever Activated Dispenser
Available in black or in white
Gel refill
1 litre ready-to-use inserts (ODOURLESS, 70% alcohol)
Kills harmful bacteria
Gentle on hands
*Some conditions apply
A Modern Solution
A modern Canadian business solution for antiseptic gel distribution that isn’t just for the front door.
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*Some conditions apply