Discover the revolutionary Lavit beverage system; the first single-serve cold beverage system with truly recyclable capsules. Enjoy a wide variety of delicious still and sparkling beverages prepared fresh at the touch of a button in only seconds! Increase workplace hydration and happiness while minimizing storage, refrigeration and trash.

Filtered water
Office 20-49 employees
Office 50+ employees
Universities and Colleges
Healthcare Institutions
Car Dealerships

Other GREAT equipment options for your business
Eccellenza Momentum™
Designed for high-volume and public environments
Wide variety of regular coffees and specialty beverages
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BUNN Sure Tamp™
Sure Tamp® maintains consistent tamping pressure throughout the brewing cycle
Cool Froth® offers rich, creamy, cold, milk foam for popular iced beverages and menu expansion
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Freshly filtered & instantly chilled water
Multiple Water Options
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