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To brew the perfect cup, you need the right equipment. Our high-performance, reliable brewers offer a wide variety of beverage options and brewing features to meet all business needs, no matter how specific or diverse.

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  • Eccellenza Touch™
    • User-friendly touch screen and enhanced customer experience
    • Freshly ground, freshly brewed gourmet coffee
    • Large variety of specialty beverages available
    • Choice of 3 cup sizes (8, 10 or 12 oz.)
    • Choice of 3 brew strengths
    • Hot water option
    • Vending compatible
    • Environmentally friendly
  • Eccellenza Momentum™
    • Designed for high-volume and public environments
    • 2 gal. water tank
    • Cup detection
    • High-quality and attractive 18″ touch screen
    • Choice of 3 cup sizes and a carafe (10 – 64 oz.)
    • Wide variety of regular coffees and specialty beverages
  • Keurig® K3500™
    • Two internal hot water tanks
    • Automatic K-Cup® pod ejection
    • 5 cup sizes
    • Strong brew
    • Hi-res colour touchscreen
    • Fully serviceable
  • Keurig® K4000
    • Two 1 lb milk powder hoppers
    • 5 cup sizes for coffee and tea
    • 3 cup sizes for specialty milk beverages
    • Direct water-line plumbing for back-to-back brewing
    • Automatic used K-Cup® pod ejection and storage
  • Keurig® K1500™
    • Quiet Brew Technology®
    • Minimized noise during use
    • Large 96 oz. Reservoir
    • Brews 12 cups before needing to be refilled
    • Strong Brew
  • Keurig® K750
    • Fresh water for each brew
    • Brew any size from 6 oz – 8 oz.
    • Easy-to-clean surfaces
    • Cord storage eliminates clutter
    • Fits most travel mugs, thanks to a removable drip tray
    • Auto-off feature saves energy
  • Lavit
    • Filtered water
    • Low in sugar or sugar-free
    • 10 calories or less
    • Natural flavours
    • No preservatives
  • Lavazza 2317
    • Two large capacity drawers for capsule collection and waste water drainage
    • Adjustable height for cups of different sizes
    • Alert for automatic washing cycles
    • Fresh milk refrigerator
    • One-touch recipe selector
    • Smart USB for data download and control
  • Lavazza Classy Mini
    • Removable storage drawer for convenient disposal of used Lavazza Blue capsules
    • Removable cup support
    • Drip tray to prevent spills
    • Visual indicator for low water level and full capsule drawer
    • 2 touch controls, one programmable free dose and one pre-set
    • Stand-by Eco Mode function for energy saving
  • Starbucks Serenade™
    • 38 8-oz. cups per hour
    • Dedicated cold water line and water filtration
    • Two 3 lb and one 2 lb whole bean hoppers
    • Two 5 lb powder hoppers
  • WMF 1500
    • Easy maintenance
    • Water supply
    • Automatic cleaning
    • PostSelection function
  • Jura XJ9
    • Freshly-ground, bean-to-cup technology with adjustable strength selection
    • One-Touch cappuccino, latte & macchiato functions
    • Rotary beverage selection
    • Programmable for up to 10 specialty beverages
    • Intelligent energy-saving mode and zero-energy switch
    • Intuitive rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs
  • BUNN Crescendo™
    • 3 Powder hoppers (milk, chocolate & your choice)
    • Quality burrs (precision grind control)
    • Step-by-step menu panel
    • 9 café style beverages & hot water
    • Tamping sensor achieves consistently great coffee extraction
    • Adjustable speed auger motors produce great consistency of ingredient portioning
  • BUNN Sure Tamp™
    • Two hoppers (one 1.0 lb & one 1.5 lb) allow for your choice of fresh espresso beans
    • Dispense spout accommodates cups up to 20oz.
    • Maintains constant and consistent tamping pressure throughout the shot cycle
    • Milk delivery system accommodates two milk types
    • Automatically dispenses hot and cold specialty beverages
    • Cool Froth® offers rich, creamy, cold, milk foam for popular iced beverages and menu expansion
    • Small footprint
  • Traditional Brewers
    • Perfect for all foodservice providers
    • Convenient portable servers
    • Hot, fresh coffee for up to 6 hours
    • Wide variety of gourmet, flavoured and organic blends
    • Economical
  • ION™
    • Perfect for any size office
    • Freshly filtered & instantly chilled water
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No reservoir to clean or sanitize
    • Rapid Hot™ water feature
    • Sleep Mode™ energy-saving feature
    • Available in countertop, undercounter and floor models
  • Keurig® K130
    • Perfect for hospitality & lodging
    • Convenient compact design
    • Single-serve pour-over water reservoir
    • Brews in under 3 minutes
    • Auto on/off energy saving mode
    • UL-approved for commercial use
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More Than Coffee

Hassle-Free Water Filtration Systems

Give your workplace the indispensible benefit of purified, great-tasting water.

Our water filtration systems transform regular tap water into safe drinking water through an advanced filtration process that gets rid of undesirable contaminants and impurities, leaving it bacteria-free and as clean as can be. We make sure you get a water solution that's convenient, cost-effective and sustainable so your employees and clients can enjoy the pure, safe, and clean taste of healthy filtered water at any moment of the day.

By choosing our systems, you benefit from:

- An unlimited supply of fresh water
- An eco-friendly solution
- No more heavy bottle lifting
- No more bottle delivery, storage or disposal

Touchless antiseptic gel dispenser

Exora is the ideal way to allow your team and the individuals who enter your place of business to sanitize their hands everytime.

1. Easy to maintain
2. Sturdy Canadian design
3. Practical and cost-saving