Update – COVID-19 Business Continuity Efforts and New Programs

Dear Valued Customer:

We wanted to give you a brief update on our on-going efforts to maintain our operations and continue to meet our customers’ needs during this crisis, while taking preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate. As we continue to implement and monitor best practices, there are a few things we want to make sure we get absolutely right for you.

At Van Houtte Coffee Services, health and safety are our top priorities, and we will continue to work with our customers as they prepare to safely reengage in their activities. Throughout this crisis we have been able to enhance our learnings on prevention with guidance from local health authorities, which have allowed us to maintain service while minimizing risks and exposures. We follow safe and rigorous practices and seek out, learn and adopt new ways to continuously improve the safety of our processes:

  • Physical distancing, along with employee and workplace hygiene practices, continue to be our highest priority within offices and all services we provide.
  • We are actively monitoring employee health, daily, to ensure only healthy employees are entering our offices and providing client services.
  • Additional training and personal sanitization kits are being provided to all employees to maintain our high standards of protection.

Please also rest assured that our teams will follow any additional prevention measures that our customers’ request and will adapt to their incremental needs. We strongly encourage you to work closely with our team to inform them of any special measure they should take during their upcoming deliveries. They are also available to discuss your current needs and adjust future orders accordingly. To avoid close in-person contacts, online ordering via www.clientportalvhcs.com is recommended. Please visit https://www.vhcoffeeservices.com/account-creation/ to set up your online account if you don’t already have one. If you need help with this process, please don’t hesitate to contact your representative.

As we know that safety for your own employees and customers is key, we are looking into extending our portfolio to offer new sanitization and cleaning products which will be available shortly. We are also thinking of new agile ways to help you meet the coffee needs of your employees working from home and are excited to be piloting new innovative programs very soon. Please stay tuned.

Thank you for your continued partnership, support and understanding.

Chris McMahon
VP, General Manager