To each specialty coffee its own story

Specialty coffees are as unique as the individuals who enjoy them. From the mochaccino to the macchiato, discover fascinating facts about your favourite drink and find out what it says about you!


The Latte


The Story

The French call it café au lait and the Italians, caffè latte. Made from espresso and steamed milk, its rich flavour and smooth finish make the latte a tasteful treat any time of day.

The latte drinker has timeless elegance

This classic coffee conveys sophistication and self-confidence. The latte drinker steers clear of fads, preferring to stick with tried-and-true styles.


The Cappuccino


The Story

The cappuccino is a luscious mix of espresso and hot milk, with a wonderfully frothy finish. It’s best served in a small cup with a little milk and lots of foam.

The cappuccino drinker has energy to spare

Perfect for energetic individuals on the go, this small but serious coffee packs a subtle punch. Cappuccino quaffers who flaunt their foam moustaches are clearly proud to reveal their choice of pick-me-up!


The Macchiato


The Story

Add a macchiato (Italian for “stain” or “spot”) of milk foam to that classic espresso and voilà — you’ve got a marvelous macchiato! Simple yet sensational.

The macchiato drinker believes less is more

Macchiato enthusiasts embrace the philosophy that small things can make the biggest difference! Keeping things simple, streamlined, and moving full steam ahead is their key to success!


The Mochaccino


The Story

Delight in this perfect pairing of rich chocolate and intense coffee and let the most decadent drink of them all take your tastebuds on a flavourful journey.

The mochaccino drinker shows unparalleled generosity

Give a lot, taste a lot. Mochaccino lovers know sharing is caring. Ever-willing to spare a sip to satisfy a sweet tooth, they indulge in life’s guilty pleasures!


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May 22nd, 2015
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