Creating your Holiday Coffee Bar

Bar Essentials

  • Holiday coffee mugs
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Wide variety of coffees and hot beverages
  • Bowls or mason jars
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Holiday-themed tablecloth and/or decorations

Suggested Ingredients

  • Sugar cubes
  • Chocolate squares (for melting)
  • Coffee syrups
  • Crushed candy cane
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Chocolate shavings, cinnamon powder or other desired garnishes
  • Coffee liqueur, Irish cream or other desired alcohol

Setting up

1. Set up the essentials

The very basic part of setting up your coffee bar is making your coffee machine or your kettle available to anyone looking for a quick refreshment. Set up your corner in an area that is easily accessible, and make your wide selection of beverages easily visible and available to guests.

2. Decorating

Small touches such as a red tablecloth, holiday garlands or ornaments are a great way to personalize your coffee bar and make it feel more welcoming. We also recommend decorating your bowls or mason jars using decorative ribbons that are tied around into a neat bow.

3. Garnishing

Just like any good cocktail, your coffee corner will be judged according to the quality of its garnishes. Fill your bowls or mason jars with popular ingredients such as chocolate squares, crushed candy cane, cinnamon sticks and powder, or any other garnishes you think your guests will love!

4. Evening Cocktails

Keep your coffee bar stocked with coffee liqueurs, Irish Cream or any other types of alcohol needed to make a coffee cocktail, and leave a few recipes around so guests can experiment and create.

December 8th, 2014
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