4 tips to enhance your well-being at work

Offices can be stressful environments: dealing with tight deadlines, handling last minute emergencies and going above and beyond as an employee can be draining. At times, productivity may seem at an all-time low.

At Van Houtte Coffee Services, we strive to support efficient business environments, and so we wanted to share some of our best tricks to boost energy levels around the office.

Get up and move

Though it may seem contradictory, stepping away from your desk is a great way to improve your workflow and productivity. Whether you walk to a co-worker’s desk (instead of sending an email) or give the stairs a shot, changing up your office habits to maximize movement is a winning strategy.

The “Walk & Talk”

Walking is perfect to stimulate your brain. After long hours of sitting still, taking a walk with a coworker will give you a fresh perspective while clearing your head. Don’t forget to bring your notepad and treat yourself with a well deserved coffee when passing by the cafeteria!

Stretch it out

Simple, hourly stretches can go a long way toward enhancing your work performance. Sedentary workers often feel tension around the neck or the shoulders, so focus your desk-friendly exercises on these areas. Once you’ve loosed up, knee extensions will also help improve blood flow to your legs and the rest of your body. These short stretching sessions will keep you alert and refreshed.

Change your routine

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider the “standing desk” technique or try trading your chair for an exercise ball!

January 26th, 2015
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