4 Tips to beat the heat

Want to stay cool this summer?

We’ve done our research, and here are our best tricks to beat the heat. Get ready to chill out!


Nothing screams summer like an iced coffee or tea. Popular amongst baristas, these chilly treats can also be made in the comfort of the workplace:

  1. Start by stocking up on ice cubes.
  2. Pour a freshly-brewed Brew Over Ice K-Cup® Pod.
  3. Add a bit of milk and… Voilà!

In the mood for more? Give these homemade vietnamese ice coffee pops a taste!


Dressing the right way keeps the sun at bay. The general idea is to prioritize light-coloured and lightweight fashion to avoid sweaty situations. Focus on fabrics that breathe (such as linen or cotton) and breeze through the heatwave.


H20 is the way to go. During the hot season, the more water you drink, the better. Good hydration starts with the ION™ Water Cooler. This sustainable solution eliminates the hassle of bottled water, while offering an endless supply of cold, hot, or sparkling water.


Salad, vegetables, grilled meats or fish… Your summertime diet should be light and simple. Water-rich food is key. Did you know a cucumber is comprised of 96% water? Think of tomatoes, pineapples or blueberries…and of course, watermelon. Mix fun and flavour by adding a spritz of fruit to your glass of water!

July 3rd, 2015
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