4 Time-Saving tips at Work!

Anyone working in an office environment will agree: keeping track of your day can be a harder task than the work at hand. An eight-hour work day often ends up feeling like a few minutes. Thanks to these time-saving tips, you’ll take control of your schedule, while staying on top of the clock!

1. Plan your day ahead

Once the morning coffee is out of the way, take five minutes to envision your day, highlight priorities and set objectives. Allocate a fixed amount of time for each task, and challenge yourself by outdoing them! This daily roadmap will boost your productivity, while saving you valuable time.

2. Delegate more

Focus on what you do best! Start by targeting work that requires your core competencies and, when possible, delegate assignments falling out of your scope. Done smartly, sharing responsibilities can improve team spirit and lighten your workload.

3. Learn a few keyboard shortcuts

When it comes to desktop related work, mouseless navigation can be a huge time-saver. Make the most of your applications by learning a few hot keys. You’re probably familiar with the famous Ctrl+C or Cmd+C (for copy), but they’re plenty of others waiting to be discovered! Here are some for PC and Mac.

4. Disconnect (when possible)

Checking out from your computer screen can be suprisingly beneficial. Despite sounding counter-productive, a quick walk around the block can help you gather energy to tackle your tasks. So the next time you’re struggling at your desk, don’t loathe the log-out.

March 30th, 2015
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