10 Eco-Friendly Office Hacks

Managing your office waste can be a great way to give back to the environment, while reducing significant business costs. Implementing these 10 eco-friendly guidelines to your daily routine will get you 10 steps closer to the green office!

  1. Get senior management on board. When it comes to reducing waste, top-to-bottom commitment is essential.
  2. Cut down on ink and paper. Establish a black & white printing policy (unless colour printing is crucial) and set up two-sided printing.
  3. Prioritize computer files. Take advantage of free file-sharing tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  4. Equip offices and desks with two bins. One for recyclable materials, while the other is for general waste.
  5. Consider a compost bin for the kitchen. A small change in your lunch disposal routine will have a sizeable impact on your carbon footprint.
  6. Rethink commuting. Encourage your employees to explore alternative modes of transportation such as carpooling, public transport or even cycling (when the weather allows it).
  7. Recycle outdated technology. Batteries, cell-phones and all your obsolete tech gear.
  8. Buy greener office supplies. Use providers who strive to the preserve the environment.
  9. Spread the word. Leverage internal communications to share your waste prevention efforts and keep employees up to date.
  10. Synchronize with the cleaning staff. To ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

At Van Houtte Coffee Services, sustainable development is at the heart of our business strategy. We are proud of our achievements and strive to add more to the list!

  • To reduce our environmental footprint, we recover the energy content of used K-Cup® packs coming from clients in Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and many more Canadian cities. Want to be part of the program? Contact your representative for more information.
  • All our branches use 100% recycled post-consumer paper.
  • We recycle obsolete coffee brewers and equipment.
  • Our Vancouver branch has zero waste-to-landfill record! 99% of their garbage is recycled, with only 1% going to a waste-to-energy facility.
  • We are currently working towards a paperless business environment. To reach this goal, we launched a pilot project in our Montreal branch. The main objective is to digitize invoices and account statements, so customers can access them online. We plan to implement this green process in every Van Houtte Coffee Services branch across the country!
  • We provide Canadian offices with numerous Fair Trade & Organic coffees in various formats. Get yours today!
February 25th, 2015
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