Keurig® K130

This low-maintenance, easy-to-use brewer offers a compact design to serve all hospitality locations. It’s the perfect solution to pamper your guests with gourmet beverages in the comfort of their own room.

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The Perfect Features

  • Single-Serve Pour Over

    With this system's convenient single-serve technology, you get a perfect 8 oz cup every time, leaving no water in the reservoir between brews or guests.
  • Energy-Efficient

    Using less water and heat, the Keurig® system achieves roughly 34% in Energy Savings per month with features such as its automatic On/Off function and single-serve technology.
  • Mug Sensor

    A smart sensor lets you know when there is no mug in place, preventing accidental spills and messy cleanups.
  • Commercial Grade

    This hardworking brewer is built to commercial grade specifications and UL-approved for commercial use.