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With more than 15 top-notch brands carrying over 100 different beverage options, our variety is the key to your success. From morning pick-me-ups to afternoon treats, our selection of premium coffees, teas, indulgent beverages and ice-cold drinks adapts to the tastes of your workplace so no one has to settle for the next best cup. Offer your customers, guests and employees the benefit of an unrivaled selection by getting started today.

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  • Newman’s own

    Newman’s own

    MAKING THE WORLD BETTER ONE CUP AT A TIME! Newman’s Own Fair Trade organic coffee makes a real difference in the lives of coffee farmers around the world. Available formats: K-Cup ® pods
  • Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons

    ENJOY CANADA’S FAVOURITE COFFEE.™ From morning pick-me-up to afternoon treats, offer your customers, guests, and employees these beloved classics brewed to perfection in seconds. Available formats: K-Cup ® pods
  • Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme has been brightening people's days with its Original Glazed ® doughnuts since 1937, and now does the same with its delicious, down-to-earth coffee. Enjoy the quality taste you'd expect from Krispy Kreme. Available formats: K-Cup ® pods
  • Me to We Coffee That Changes Lives

    Me to We Coffee That Changes Lives

    What makes ME to WE coffee truly delicious is that with every cup you are empowering a woman, her family and her village. Every female coffee farmer earns a fair wage for her work and gets access to financial literacy training.
  • Van Houtte®

    Van Houtte®

    Discover the taste that nearly 100 years of coffee expertise has to offer. Using only the highest-grade Arabica coffee beans from around the world, Van Houtte® brings you premium coffee, roasted to perfection. Available formats: K-Cup® packs, filter, beans
  • Timothy's® World Coffee

    Timothy's® World Coffee

    Take your senses on a rich coffee taste adventure. From the fruity, citric aromas of Colombia's mountains to the sweet and spicy taste of a Viennese pastry, Timothy's® brings you a world of flavours. Available formats: K-Cup® packs


    Looking to add some seriously amazing tea to your business? With a focus on quality ingredients and innovative tea flavours, DAVIDsTEA, offers responsible & eco-friendly sourcing, unique & exclusive blends, and fresh & modern design.
  • Green Mountain Coffee®

    Green Mountain Coffee®

    Let these great tasting coffees give you a whole new perspective. From sourcing and roasting high quality beans to supporting small farms and protecting the environment, Green Mountain Coffee® focuses on what’s important. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Starbucks®


    Brew the coffee you love from a brand recognized around the world. Starbucks® coffees offer distinctive roast profiles with a variety of flavours and intensity so everyone can easily brew their favourite cup. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Barista Prima Coffeehouse™

    Barista Prima Coffeehouse™

    Discover the taste of premium coffee, roasted in the tradition of Europe's most celebrated coffeehouses. Bold and complex yet perfectly balanced, Barista Prima Coffeehouse® offers you a dark, rich brew in every cup. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Laura Secord®

    Laura Secord®

    Succumb to the sweetness of premium hot chocolate from Canada's favourite chocolatier. With its rich and refined taste, Laura Secord® brings you hot chocolate at its finest. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Lavazza


    Brew the rich, intense flavours of Italy's favourite coffee. Reflecting a century of coffee passion and expertise, each Lavazza blend is specifically roasted to enhance the beans' unique qualities, giving you an authentic Italian coffee experience. Available formats: beans, pods
  • Tully's®


    Discover the full-bodied quality of Tully’s® signature slow-roasting philosophy. Each blend boasts deep roasted flavours and intense aromas to deliver a satisfying cup, every time. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Lipton®


    Let Lipton® lift your spirits and refresh your mind with Lipton® tea K-Cup® packs, which include the smooth taste of green tea and the spicy, exotic aromas of black tea. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Snapple®


    Enjoy the familiar taste of Snapple® iced tea. Made using only the best stuff on earth, Snapple® iced teas combine quality ingredients to bring you the flavours you love. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Donut House Collection™

    Donut House Collection™

    Take comfort in the dependable taste of Donut House Collection™ coffees. Packed with rich and bold flavours, they brew delicious aromas to brighten any moment of your day. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Bigelow®


    Treat your cup to the perks of a world class tea. Bigelow® brings together delicate aromas and fresh, fragrant flavours for your enjoyment and well-being. Available formats: K-Cup® packs, Individual bags
  • Emeril's®


    Enjoy the highest standards of coffee excellence from world-renowned chef Emeril Lagasse. Each Emeril's® blend delivers robust and luscious aromas for the most flavourful, best-tasting cup. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • REVV™


    WE ARE THE EARLY RISERS. THE ALL-NIGHTERS. THE DAILY GRINDERS. REVV™ coffee is a rich and balanced, dark-roasted dynamo filled to the brim and loaded for bear with the strongest coffee one could find. Available formats: K-Cup ® pods
  • Folgers®


    Always "The Best Part Of Wakin' UpTM", Folgers Coffee® brings perfectly balanced brews and eye-opening aromas. From our signature classic roast to deliciously flavoured new twists, look forward to every morning with Folgers® in your cup!
  • The Original Donut Shop®

    The Original Donut Shop®

    Celebrate the taste of this classic coffee, brewed in the fashion of your traditional neighbourhood donut shop. Each Original Donut Shop® blend is fresh, bold and flavourful, brimming savoury aromas to satisfy any coffee craving. Available formats: K-Cup® packs
  • Adagio


    Embrace the vibrant and carefree spirit of Adagio coffee. From light to dark roasts, each blend is perfectly balanced to offer only the richest flavours with a drop of joie de vivre. Available formats: filter, beans
  • Orient Express

    Orient Express

    Orient Express brews exotic flavours in every cup. From the smooth taste of gourmet coffees to the delicate aromas of flavoured blends, their selection delivers only the highest quality and taste of Arabica beans. Available formats: filter, beans
  • Celestial Seasonings®

    Celestial Seasonings®

    Celestial Seasonings® blends the finest herbs, leaves and botanicals to create 100% natural flavours. Discover a wide selection of teas and taste Celestial Seasonings®' dedication to purity and perfection in every cup!
  • Red Rose®

    Red Rose®

    With over a century of tradition and expertise as tea maker, Red Rose® is a name you can trust. Try the Orange Pekoe black tea for smooth and satisfying natural flavours. Red Rose® carefully selects leaves from the world's finest tea-growing regions, so you can taste quality in every sip.
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Fresh, Filtered Water

As a one-stop coffee service provider, we offer all businesses the ideal solution for cool, clean and great-tasting water. Our water systems use a superior filtration technology to purify your tap water, effectively reducing the presence of contaminants and chlorine.

With our water solution, you reduce your company's carbon footprint while contributing to the well-being of your employees. That's because our environmentally-friendly system eliminates the need to use and transport plastic bottles, and because increased concentration and mental alertness are benefits that safe, proper hydration can provide.

  • Convenient

    - No more deliveries
    - No more lifting
    - Unlimited supply of filtered water

  • Environmentally-friendly

    - Reduced bottle waste
    - Reduced carbon footprint
    - Increased sustainability

  • Economical

    - High quality-price ratio
    - Fewer Invoices
    - Fewer wasted storage space